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Starwars – Republic 1-83

here is all the republic comics series…

Republic – #01-#06 – Prelude To Rebellion, 33 BBY.cbr
Republic – #07-#12 – Outlander, 32 BBY.cbr
Republic – #13-18_-_Emissaries_to_Malastare_32_BBY.cbr
Republic – #19-#22 – Twilight, 31 BBY.cbr
Republic – #23-#26 – Infinity’s End,31 BBY.cbr
Republic – #27 – Star Crash, 30 BBY.cbr
Republic – #28-#31 – The Hunt for Aurra Sing, 30 BBY.cbr
Republic – #32-#35 – Darkness, 30 BBY.cbr
Republic – #36-#39 – The Stark Hyperspace War, 44 BBY.cbr
Republic – #40-#41 – The Devaronian Version, 30 BBY.cbr
Republic – #42-#45 – Rite of Passage, 28 BBY.cbr
Republic – #46-#48 – Honor and Duty, 24 BBY.cbr
Republic – #49 – Sacrifice,22 BBY.cbr
Republic – #50 – The Battle for Kamino, 22 BBY.cbr
Republic – #51-#52 – The New Face of War.cbr
Republic – #53 – Blast Radius.cbr
Republic – #54 – Double Blind, 22 BBY.cbr
Republic – #55-#58 – Jabiim.cbr
Republic – #59-67.rar
Republic – #68 – Armor.cbr
Republic – #69-#71 – Dreadnaughts of Rendili, 19.5 BBY.cbr
Republic – #72-#73 – Trackdown.cbr
Republic – #74-#77 – Siege of Saleucami.cbr/
Republic – #78-__2005___DarthScanner-DCP_.cbr
Republic – #79__2005___Darthscanner-Dcp_.cbr
Republic – #80 (2005) (Darthscanner-Dcp).cbr
Republic – #81 (2006) (Darthscanner-Dcp).cbr
Republic – #82 (2006).cbr
Republic – #83 (2006).cbr

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p.s – new List of Ultimate StarWars comics

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    Just where on Earth is issue number 73 supposed to be?????? Quite frustrating when I found out it isn’t attached with number 72 as the link indicates… May the Force be with whoever can help!

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