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The Keep 1-4

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  1. Says:

    Files 02-04 have been taken off of Rapidshare because “complaints received”.

    God only knows what some twerp found to “complain” about. I read the original Wilson novel and it’s a horror book. There wasn’t anything particularly “raunchy” even to convert into a comic. Brian Lumley’s “Necroscope” series was more hardcore than “The Keep” both in the original work and the comic adaptation. At the time of this writing, Lumley’s Necroscope comic is still up.

    If someone would re-upload The Keep, it would be much appreciated.

  2. Says:

    Aaaaargh! I was in the middle of downloading when this happened.

    I’d gotten the first three parts, and went back for part 4 after the “little wait” that the free rapidshare makes you go through (REALLY annoying – I wish you guys would use 4shared, Savefile or Sendspace instead). And it was deleted!!! I was fit to be restrained!

    Could the original poster possibly upload this one again? Even better, to somewhere else other than rapidshare? Failing that, please let us know where you got it from originally.


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